Monday, July 21, 2014

When to rebuild?

So, here we are everyone. About 50 games to go and the races in each division and league are taking shape. Are you where you thought you would be?

One of the things I both like and dislike about HBD is it's not terribly difficult to predict where teams will end up. We all knew Vancouver was going to be good. And we all knew the teams who said "we'll get em next year". 

A lot of folks I talk to about this game believe there's nothing worse than the 7 seed. I tend to agree...mostly.

If you finish 7th that means you fielded a team in the top half of your league. Likely, you were one or two players away. Maybe your closer had a down year....Or maybe your team wasn't as good as you thought.

I can hardly complain about my strategy since I joined this world. It's paid off (no pun intended) with a couple rings. But now my team feels old. I look at other teams and think I wish I had done at least a little planning for the future. In my entire system not one real ML players exists.

So to my original question, when is it time to rebuild? If I start next season it would take at least 5 years to even field a quality team. I don't have that patience. Or, I could trade away my veterans with everyone knowing it's a fire sale and get 3 nickels for a quarter. Nope, not doing that either.

What to do...

I'll probably stick to my original plan. Sign type A's at a good value and field the best team possible. I just hope to avoid mediocrity year after year.

Good luck to everyone down the stretch. I'm looking forward to the wild card races in each league.

Also, worth note is Jacob Vaughn recovered from his blog mention to win player of the week. Still can't wait to sign him in season 38.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The wonderful world of Jacob Vaughn

The legendary erffdogg was once asked if he had any favorite players in HBD. His answer was that of a reasonable middle aged man who partakes in fun sim game. He answered "no", and he treats the game like a tax return if one enjoyed completing their own tax returns.

Not only do I not complete my own taxes, I also fall deeply in love with individual players. Particularly, players that I've drafted and groomed to be ML level All-Stars.

So I heart Jacob Vaughn. Sure, he's not on my squad. But I still follow his starts for the Tucson Sidewinders.

How can you not heart a guy who put a 141-58 record with a career 2.57 ERA in 7 and half big league seasons? Add that to his 4 Cy Youngs, 3 no hitters, Rookie of the Year, 6 AS appearances, etc.

So in my alternative sim universe Jacob Vaughn is dating Kate Upton AND Katy Perry. Neither one has a problem with it. He spends his off seasons on a private island where the most interesting man in the world looks to Mr. Vaughn for advise.

Maybe the other reason I like him so much is because he's not in my league or my division. If he was, perhaps I wouldn't enjoy his dominance near as much.

Much like the Yankees in real life where "everyone eventually plays for the Yankees" I fully intend for him to be in pinstripes. Sure his velocity will probably be 58 instead of 85. Sure his splits will be well diminished and he'll be a shell of his former Kate Upton dating self. But marks my words, he'll be a Yankee.